Bristol Bay Fishing Pictures 2004 and 2005

This is a collection of photos from Bristol Bay Alaska during the 2004 and 2005 Sockeye Salmon Seasons. Roll your mouse over the photos to see the caption below. May not work as expected on smaller monitors.


A side view of Pederson Point. This is our home base. All of our fish eventually gets processed here.
"Survival Suit," got to practice putting it on. Safety first.
Yeah, I'm bad ass.
An artistic shot of the leftovers from our homepack.
Floating processor in the distance.
Sunset with Stormy, my uncle's boat, in the foreground.
Boats anchored in the river.
A tender in the river. We offload our fish to boats like these and they take our fish to shore for us to get processed.
Da Fog
Just chillin' and letting the net do its work.
Moving the net around, you can see the fish in it.
Lots of fish in this one.
Mike and Ikes are good.
Every fish needs to be taken out of the net.
It's tradition to kiss the first fish. My wife understands. You can also see the net being pulled in.
Sometimes we catch a King and take a picture.
My brother can barely hold this one.
Me and my Dad.
Lots of fish.
It takes time to get the fish out of the net. Sometimes we pull one net in on the deck and throw another one out. While that one is fishing we clean the one on the deck.
Victory, kind of. Still have to get all the fish out.
Lots of fish. Same amount on the other side to make over 10000 pounds.
Bear tracks.