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The Paul Mach Blog - Full family trip to Nevada City

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Full family trip to Nevada City
Monday, June 18, 2012 - Race Reports
My day in Nevada City started off with yelling at Rand Miller for not updating his blog. It's like he thinks that because he's doing it for free and fun he doesn't have an obligation to entertain us. Selfish bastard.

Next I heard Roman call his wife, "Sugar." I thought that was unique and worth sharing.

Somebody started talking to me about Race Shape at the start. I always like to talk shop, but was a bit distracted by a race starting in 30 seconds. Sorry, send me an email.

Then we raced bikes. Lots of laps. Nate got off the front with Stephen Leece. I yelled at Chris Stastny's dad in Czech for not giving me a bottle. Insert derogatory stereotype here.

Later when Nate was about 30 seconds from lapping I dropped back to help him out. That was a good idea in theory but Nate didn't really need my help. We got back up to the field just fine. I messed around in the sprint and was 8th, again.

Lots of people came out to the race and there was a pretty good "Paul Mach dot Com" cheering section. Thank you very much.

After the race I chatted with Rich Paul, from Velo Reno. I'm ashamed to admit that I always forget his name. I mean, I should be able to remember a name like that.

So, another Nevada City in the books. This was my 5th one and you can read about all the others in the archives (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011).

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