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All the way to New Jersey for a Crit
Friday, June 1, 2012 - Race Reports
I'm currently on the Nationals to Philly Road Trip. Part of that is doing the Base Camp International yesterday in Basking Ridge New Jersey. This was my NCC debut and it worked out pretty well.

It's not often that I do the full on play by play race report, but it's also not often that I do something in a NCC crit, so here we go.

I started out near the back. That was bad. A few laps later I got in a little bit of a crash and took my free lap. Somehow I got put back into the front the field. A lap later I attacked and was off the front.

That was a 20 minute move that put me into the box. After I came back 2 other guys went off. I was still in position so I was going to try and bridge. As I was standing up Jim Stemper told me to sit down as he blew past me. He made it across and I took it really wide through the next few turns to slow the field.

So boom. I softened the field and helped Jim get a gap. But it gets better, in an exciting finish the break was just about caught on the line and Jim was 2nd and Lucca was 6th from the field.

The next couple days include a lot of hanging out in preparation for the Philadelphia International Championship on Sunday.

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