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Goodbye Greenville
Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - Race Reports
This race is always hard and I don't think I've every had good legs for it. However, yesterday it played out a little differently then in years past.

So a break of 28 broke off the front early on. I'm not really sure how it happened. I was up there in a move, then got shuffled and before I knew it there was a big split.

We had two guys up there, but that wasn't great. Ideally we would have liked to send a guy like Nate across, the first time up the climb, but the gap was too big at that point to make it happen.

From the numbers on Race Shape, it looks like the break took it steady while the peloton crushed up every climb. That's what was different about this year. Normally the race would settle in, this time, it was hard every time. The peloton would shrink every lap. At one point I was going backwards at 450 watts. I got popped the 3rd time, of 4.

In the end, Jim Stemper placed fifth from the break. That's a fantastic result for him and Kenda/5-hour Energy.

Today four of us drove up to Virginia on our way to Philly for next weekend. Kinda fun, kinda not.

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