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The Paul Mach Blog - Baby Watch Twenty-Twelve!

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Baby Watch Twenty-Twelve!
Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - General
Ready to Pop Still on baby watch here. Depending on who and when you ask the due date could have been Sunday, yesterday, or it could be Friday. Turns out birthing is further from an exact science than I thought.

Here we're ready to move on and get this party started. People keep telling us our lives will change. Okay, we get it, but let's make it happen. I'll admit we were a little behind in getting ready and having all the stuff. But since Sara's Mom came down, she's helped us out and we're ready. Well, as ready as you can be.

The wife, her mom and sister are visiting Folsom Prison today. Since Bones gave birth after visiting a prison, today could be the day.

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Jim Allison
Thursday, April 19, 2012, 1:16 pm
I know the feeling. Be prepared to be humbled in the delivery room and just hang in there because you may feel about as useful as a fan in a snowstorm while, if it was anything like my experience, your wife will amaze you with what she does. It is all very GROUNDING and you may feel quite connected with the past and future of humanity as you are there. Unforgettable and all the more so if the baby comes out wearing lycra, which would probably be news worthy.

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