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I have to walk down stairs backwards now
Friday, March 23, 2012 - Race Reports
The great thing about Redlands is that something crazy can and has happened in every stage. So today's 120 mile road stage was no walk in the park. But we did great, Phil Gaimon kept the yellow jersey and Andy JM moved up to 4th on GC. Nate got caught behind a crash before the finish and lost some time.

It was great being on the sharp edge of the race. Shawn, Roman and Jim for the first part, then I worked in later in the race. I wasn't really a superman, but contributed. Jim and Roman were the supermen.

Phil road well, he had a great day and after the race was excited to have called a pee break.

Slam that stem

However, on the car ride home Roman told us he disagreed. After a long discussion, it was conceded that it was Roman who called it before Phil because there was a big crash. Poor Phil, at least he has the yellow jersey to keep him warm.

On a side note, when I was in the laughing group some dude told me he had to "finish a quiz last night for class." I can't remember what we were talking about that lead him to say that, but I wanted to reply, "That's it, and you're still in the grupetto?"

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