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Madera Babymoon
Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Race Reports
So we're spending the weekend in Madera, CA. By "we," I mean me, the wife, and the dog. We would've came for the "Luxurious hotels, great dining, championship golf courses, family-family amenities," and the refreshing lack of Thai food. But, we're actually here for the Velopromo bike race.

From what I can gather, the Madera Stage Race has remained unchanged since the mid-90s. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Yesterday, Ben Hur TT, 6 miles rolling, 4 miles up. Used the TT bike. I don't have any aero wheels, but was happy to run the old wheels just to get power. That was a mistake, I think I'm better off just not knowing. Finished 9th. Nate won, Andy was 7th.

The GC showdown continued today with another TT. This time 10 miles of flat. This was my 3rd ride on the new bike. While I felt okay, it became clear I need to ride the thing more often. Nate was 5th and moved to 2nd on GC. Andy was 7th, again.

The afternoon crit was anticlimactic, as most crits are. I attacked a number of times, but promptly exploded the same number of times. There was a big lap counter/bell ringing mix up at the end and Andy finished 2nd.

Tomorrow's road race was very dramatic the last time I did it. Andy took a 5-hour Energy before the crit, but I think I'm going to drink one tomorrow.

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