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The Paul Mach Blog - Circumnavigating 91.8 sq miles of Sonoma

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Photo by Pat Malach

Circumnavigating 91.8 sq miles of Sonoma
Thursday, February 23, 2012 - Race Reports
So I showed up for Chileno Valley Grasshopper #2 last Saturday. I wore some more secret clothing to go under the radar (getting the new kit this weekend). I know it worked because some idiot cut in front of me at registration. It also worked when I laid it down in some dirt before the start.

After all that I was still there way early. I passed the time checking out all the masters guys with their carbon wheels. Then I saw this:
Slam that stem After 5 minutes I settled on Elongated Humeri.

So we start off hard. Then it's cross tail along the coast and Levi is killing it. 20 guys, 10 guys, 7 guys, 4 guys, Finally we conceded that height and weight don't correlate to length and girth and just let him go. My new teammate Jim Stemper, Taylor Bertrand-Barrett and I rode the last 45 miles into a headwind on our own. Good times.

Tomorrow I leave for camp. Since it's called training camp and not "sit around and get fit later" camp, it may be a bit of a shock.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 9:42 am
That would be Jady Palko's bike. He's quite the character. Not afraid to pull all day at 26mph. As you might guess, a talented Triathlete.

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