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Lazy Sunday
Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - Race Reports
Last Sunday started with Sierra Nevada Hill Climb TT #2. These are fun little events that I've frequented in the past.

I managed to ride 3 minutes faster than last year and am pretty happy with that. Maybe I'm acclimating. Max Jenkins killed it and broke the record.

Afterwards we check out Tahoe City for lunch and Olympic Bike Shop. Props to Spencer dropping some serious mt. bike knowledge on me.

Later, we went to the beach. The goal of that was to get our dog into the water. My wife was convinced that once he got in, he would realize how awesome it is. Long story short, it didn't happen.

This all frustrated Sara because our dog doesn't fetch or swim. Me, I'm happy to except that we have the dog equivalent of a kid who's into Civil War Reenactments.

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