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Living the Ultra Life
Saturday, May 21, 2011 - Race Reports
I'm siting here in the L.A. Live lobby, sucking up the free Internet. It's actually the same place I sat to write the blog last year.

Well, you've probably noticed that the blog posts have gotten less creative and more to the point. That's because I'm tired. I know you demand better, but tough.

So today was hard. 10,000 ft of climbing, or more depending on who you ask. I felt pretty good finally. At least for the first 3 hours. Unfortunately the race was about 3:40 for me.

I made it over the first climb in the front group. At one point I looked back to see I was the last rider and nothing was behind me, not even any cars. But I managed to hang in there.

Once we made it over the top I went on bottle duty. It was nice to actually have a purpose today because, honestly, I've been feeling pretty useless all tour.

Thanks again for all the support. At one point I saw a UCSD fan offering pushes for a slap on the ass. In the age of Youtube and camera phones, that was one line I was not willing to cross.

Tomorrow it's time to give it another go. Make sure to watch out for those finishing circuits, because they will be brutal.

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Juan Lang
Thursday, May 26, 2011, 10:18 am
Watching live, I was wondering if you'd managed to hang on in the front group when I saw you exiting the rear of it. Consolation prize: hearing Phil Liggett say your name as it happened.

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