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I think I've done this before
Saturday, April 16, 2011 - Race Reports
There have been a couple more races here at the Sea Otter Classic. Yesterday was the road race. I felt really good for the first half and got in the break, then I stopped feeling good. You can see all the details at Race Shape.com. No crazy drama to report.

Today started off with a Fi'zi:k photo shoot. I was all excited to be chosen with Ben JM and Jeremy. It turns out it was actually, "Oh well, we needed someone who rides the Arione and since you're already here at Sea Otter..."

But I'll take what I can get. And if what I'm hearing is true, I'll be getting something really big, as big as my personality.

The afternoon featured the TT, it was one lap of the course from yesterday. I was pretty proud of my efforts on the hills, but was having trouble making up time on my 30 second man on the flats. I think it was just that kind of course. I finished 7th.

We had the super deep Easton front wheels on today. I've had some really good TTs with that wheel, but today was too windy for it. In hide sight, it was a bad choice. Going 45 mph, down a hill, into a sharp left, with some crazy cross winds, trying to switch out of the bars to grab some brake and then back to shift, was all a little crazy.

Tomorrow is the famous circuit race at Laguna Seca, you can read all about it at Velonews.com. Oh, but the article doesn't mentions last year's winner and interviews two riders that aren't even here. Sorry to pick on you Facebook friend Brian, but this has happened before.

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