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Blinded by love
Sunday, March 27, 2011 - Race Reports
I think Rob put it best, "Another crit today, at least it's only 90 minutes instead of 3 hours." I admit, I'm probably still jaded from yesterday, but it did seem like more of the same.

Basically we had all the standard crit racing stuff till 4 laps to go. That's when I got caught up in a crash. It goes from like 4 lanes to 1.5 in the first turn and well, everybody wanted in. It wasn't a bad one, I just tipped over and landed on Frank. That's what teammates are for.

It turned out that in total there were 5 Bissell riders involved in that crash. And that's how our race ended.

Free laps had ended so I got the same time as the leaders. I haven't seen results, but I assume I finished up in 7th overall.

You know, I think the problem I have with this race is I love the time trial so much that every year I forget about the other stages. So... I'll probably be back again next year.

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