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Flashing lights
Wednesday, September 29, 2010 - General
It's been a while, Nationals was over a week ago and I spent the last week in Vegas checking out Interbike and, well, Vegas.

Not much to say about nationals. It was highlighted by a busted pedal and the details are uninteresting. That race also marked the end of a season. It sucks that it's over, but it'll be nice to take some time off and regroup again for next year.

Ian and I celebrated with some Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. No, NO, not the same kind Holloway had, we had the dessert at the Outback. We couldn't pass it up since dinner was on the team card.

After that I was home for a day before heading to Vegas for Interbike. I'd never been and wanted to check it out. It was a bit eye opening. I always thought the weight-weenie, bike nerd on the local group ride was unique. Well, I was wrong because there were like a thousand of those guys at the show.

What did I see there? A whole lot of flashing lights and new wheelsets. That and a solar powered bike light. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that it took me a whole day to figure out that was a dumb idea.

After talking bikes for a few days the wife came down and the party really started. We explored the strip and checked out some shows. It was a good time.

But I'm back now and it's the off season and that means it's time for more of the "r-word."

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Jim Allison
Thursday, September 30, 2010, 6:18 am
Congratulations on a heck of a season. I don't know how exactly you balance your many roles but it remains impressive. Always good to read...riding the Grand Fondo? The dust you will kick up will be long settled by the time I come by...Ciao.

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