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The rest of Cascade
Tuesday, July 27, 2010 - Race Reports
I know it's been a few days since the race ended, but I'll post an update on last weeks Cascade Classic anyways.

The criterium was 4 corners in downtown Bend Saturday night. The road narrows between corners 3 and 4 so there was always a bunch of crazy wheel chopping. A ton of people were waiting for a crash at that 4th corner, but it was pretty clean there all night.

The crash, the one that tried to eat my arm, was right after the start finish. I don’t really know what happened, but I was going 30 mph, couldn't stop, hit someone, went over the bars and into a bike. The damage, chainring into the forearm.

Big props to the race doc who put 5 stitches into me right after the race. Someone said he did a sloppy job, but it was dark and I've been looking for a sweet scar for a while now.

Sunday featured the Awbrey Butte Circuit Race. Us and Fly V were motivated to light it up because the course is hard to defend on. After a couple hard laps we had Rob and Kyle up the road and Rob was only 1:40 down on GC. That put the pressure on.

About 10k from the finish, Darren Lill, of Fly V, put in a big attack just as all the United guys were done. It was a dangerous move since it was just Rory, the race leader, left at that point.

Ah, but it seems like there is always someone ready to step up and help. This time, Chris Jones from Team Type 1, was that guy. He buried it for about 5k into the final climb. I guess he was just bored.

It went crazy hard up that final climb anyway but about 30 guys still came to the line together. Frank and Andy sprinted for 2nd and 3rd respectively, so that was nice.

Overall, I was 17th which I’m okay with after my poor showing the first couple days. For the team it was one of those "glass half empty" kind of races. Lots of top 5 placings, but no wins.

The season goes on and the team will be at Elk Grove this weekend. For me, it's Tour of Utah in a few weeks.

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