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Biggest little race in the world
Saturday, June 19, 2010 - Race Reports
You may be wondering what it's like racing with a 19 year old kid who brings along his younger brother. Let's just say the "Girls tell me that all the time" joke is funny again. That and it sucks when he can't get into the after party.

Yesterday, Ian and I raced the second stage of the Tour de Nez. It was a variation on the downtown Reno criterium course of old.

After the prologue and the race's blog post insisting the course was safe, I wasn't too sure what to expect. But, it really wasn't that bad. It helped that the field was smallish and the pace was high.

Ian and I did the best we could to get in a break, but nothing worked. There was a lot of aggressive riding in the field that kept the race hard. Overall we rode like good GC riders, at the front and out of trouble.

In the end I helped pull back the break with a lap to go. Why? Well mainly because I wanted nothing to do with the 5 lane to 1 lane funnel, 400 meters from the finish line. And I wanted to do something.

The circuit race in Northstar this afternoon should be more fun. But with only 90 minutes, how are we supposed to separate the men from the boys?

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