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Hood River provides coffee and bike racing
Monday, June 7, 2010 - Race Reports
So the Mt. Hood Cycling Classic ended just like it started, in the rain.

But there's an upside of bad weather, you have a good excuse to hang out at the coffee shop. Doppio came well recommended so the wife and I headed down to get "work" done. It seemed like there was a bunch of cyclists with the same idea.

For the criterium, they reversed the course and shortened it to 60 minutes. Basically a break of non-gc contenders formed and UHC controlled the front.

The course was pretty dicey so I threw in a few attacks for the parents and then just settled in. The cost/benefit of railing a corner was... unfavorable.

Such ended my 23rd race in the last 40 days. Overall I had 5 good days at Hood, the problem was there were 6 stages.

Tour de Nez and Nevada City are up next, after a little break. Then it's off to Fitchburg Longsjo Classic in July.

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