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It was wet and it was dark
Wednesday, June 2, 2010 - Race Reports
I grew up in Seattle, so I don't mind the rain. But while I've done a bunch of running in bad weather, I didn't start riding a bike till I moved down to sunny California.

So yesterday's Mt. Hood Cycling Classic prologue brought me back to those Seattle roots. It was two, wet, dark, laps around the Portland International Raceway.

Just FYI, you can't see anything when it's dark, it's physics. The first lap I didn't know if the next turn would be a right or a left. Luckily I had a guy, who was on his second lap, showing me the way.

The results were me, Morgan Schmitt and Ryan Parnes. Bissell has a bit of a small team so it'll be hard to defend, especially with the time bonuses at the finish tonight

Originally we had 6 guys on the start list, but then they all got injured or sick. So now we're just down to me, Rob Britton and David Williams.

Omer, who helped control the race for me last year, is directing this time. I tried to get him to suit up, but he refused. I guess he knows it's much easier to talk about how he rode the front than to do it again this year.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010, 8:58 am
I am sure you will do your best! Good luck!

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