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Eaten alive by the monster
Monday, May 3, 2010 - Race Reports
That pretty much sums up how the last stage of The Tour of the Gila went for me. Suffering, followed by some solo suffering, followed by a finish in the high 20s.

At the start I decided to play the break because the extra time against the super climbers would be nice.

That worked, but the break was still establishing its gap over the first, "smaller," tail wind climb and I was in the box. I mean really in the box, this is the only time I've ever feared getting dropped from a break.

And that pretty much defined the race for me. I shouldn't have been hurting so bad at the beginning and I never really recovered from that effort for when it went hard.

But it wasn't all bad. Jeremy and Rob were also in the break. Jeremy drove the thing to a 4 minutes advantage at the cliff dwellings. Rob stuck it out and finished 2nd. A stellar result.

Me? I got dropped on the way back over the big climb but still pushed it hard over the next two. After an hour of riding solo the road finally leveled out and I got caught by a small group with Jesse Moore. He offered the much appreciated pull to the finish.

So, I finished about 6 minutes back, and dropped way down on the GC. Not good, but there will be plenty of more races in the next few weeks to give it another go.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010, 4:42 pm
Hey Paul, grats on making the ToC - looking forward to your updates.

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