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The Paul Mach Blog - Jeremy Vennell's endless summer

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Jeremy Vennell's endless summer
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - Interviews
Fast!!! Back to the interviews. Today we have Jeremy Vennell. Why do you care? Well, because last year he won the New Zealand TT championship AND got married, all in the same week.

PaulMach.com: Let's start with an easy one. How'd you get into racing bikes?

Jeremy Vennell: Back in 2002 I saw the Tour de France on TV and was like, "I'm going to do that." I was at university and I sucked at it, so I dropped out to race bikes.

It was a life changing decision and when I told my parents they were like, "what the f***." But they still supported me.

Six months later I was to Europe. I was living in a small town in north Holland and racing for a Dutch amateur team. It was the hardest year of my life.

PM.C: After a few years of professional racing in Europe you signed with Bissell. Why?

JV: I think the racing in America suits me better. But I also only saw Anita (now his wife) for 3 weeks out of 10 months and I couldn't handle it. America is closer to New Zealand so it's easier.

Now we live in Santa Rosa during the cycling season and spend a few months at home during the winter. We're living the glory days of wine and roses.

PM.C: And how do you spent your "glory days?"

JV: I have a garden. I just recently purchased a truckload of dirt so I've been dealing with that. We hit up the restaurants and wineries.

I also love internet shopping, I love it. Clothing, Zappos because they do free delivery and a 365 day return policy. The other day I got a $5 pair of pants at the outlet stores.

PM.C: Good to know. Every good New Zealand cyclist has a story about their national tour, The Tour of Southland. What's yours?

JV: Something unique always happens at Southland. This previous year we had the biggest crash in history, everyone but 10 guys went down and those guys crashed 3 kilometers later. That was pretty funny.

I couldn't see it but it was the longest crash I ever heard, it lasted like 20 seconds. Some guy screamed, and I was like "holy sh**, people are dying all around me." It took 30 minutes to get everyone off the road.

And that is bit of Jeremy Vennell. If you're looking for a bike fit, ask for him at Echelon Cycle and Multisport in Santa Rosa. Tell him PaulMach.com sent you and he'll hook you up.

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