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It's LA baby!!
Friday, March 19, 2010 - Race Reports
It wasn't long after we arrived in San Dimas that things started to go pear shaped. I'm talking about nothing other than the Sandra Bullock, Jesse James scandal. I'm so sorry Sandra. And after you thanked him at the Oscars?!?!?!

So yeah, I rode down with the trailer on Wednesday and have been hanging out here in San Dimas ever since. It hasn't been that bad and I'm now recommending everyone spend a few days surrounded by strip malls, just to gain perspective.

As for the race, the first stage of The San Dimas Stage Race was today's 3.8 mile uphill time trial. I've done well here in years past, so I always have high expectations.

I had two goals going into the race. The first was to finish with nothing in the tank and the second was to break 13 minutes. I did both and finished 2nd with a 12:58, 5 seconds behind Ben Day, who won the race last year.

We haven't talked about the plan for tomorrow's road race, but knowing Eric, it'll involve all our hands on the deck as well as some carpet bombing.

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