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The Paul Mach Blog - An interview with Bissell's Ian Boswell

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An interview with Bissell's Ian Boswell
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - Interviews
Today we have something special, an interview with Ian Boswell of Bissell Pro Cycling. He's a 19 year old stand out and first year pro from Bend, Oregon, now living in Chico, CA.

PaulMach.com: Thanks for sitting down with me Ian. But lets get right into it, when did you start reading PaulMach.com?

Ian Boswell: After the Paskenta Century in February. Am I the first one to be interviewed on the site?

PM.C: No, we actually did a two part interview with Paul Mach himself last year (Part 1, Part 2). But I'll be asking the questions. When did you start riding bikes?

IB: I did some BMX, but it started with the kids race at Cascade when I was 11.

PM.C: Isn't that a little old for a "kid's race."

IB: Not really, I mean, a win is a win.

PM.C: Okay... so you're headed off to Europe in a few days, when did you start racing over there?

IB: I did 3 weeks with the national team when I was 16. The next year I did a youth exchange to Belgium for school. I raced a bit while I was there. Last year I raced the spring in Europe too.

PM.C: How does that work with school?

IB: I graduated a semester early so that helped. But teachers are usually pretty supportive if it's for the national team.

PM.C: Now for something more interesting, are you heading into Europe single or are you doing the long distance thing?

IB: No, I'm single.

PM.C: Have you been looking then?

IB: Yeah, I'm on the prowl.

PM.C: Does being on Team Bissell help with that?

IB: Sure, now that I have business cards. I've been scattering them all over the park in Chico.

PM.C: Any success?

IB: So far no responses, but I'm keeping my phone on vibrate.

PM.C: Okay, so when you're not riding and not looking for a date, how do you spend your time?

IB: I like cooking. I'm always in the kitchen trying something new. it's fun.

PM.C: And you can't find a date? I'm sure this interview won't hurt. One final question, what are your goals for the season?

IB: I just want to learn from the older riders. You know, about stuff like blogging, tweeting and taxes.

PM.C: Alright, thanks Ian and good luck at those European races.

So to recrap: we have a young, single, professional athlete who has traveled the world and loves to cook. What's not to like?

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David Albrecht
Wednesday, March 24, 2010, 8:58 am
You two crack me up! Keep it coming...

Gabe M.
Friday, June 18, 2010, 5:12 pm
Great interview. Keep them coming.

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