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Celebrity Status
Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - General
Lance, Scott and Bruno So I'm flying Jet Blue from Seattle to JFK watching the Food Network when a guy walks up to my seat, opens a copy of Velonews, points at an article and asks, "Is this you?"

I knew there was an article in the August issue but to see it for the first time like this, wow. Dave was nice enough to let me read the piece and I signed it for him.

That was the good part of the travel day. The whole Bissell Team was supposed to fly in for the 50th Annual Fitchburg Classic in well... Fitchburg. There was bad weather in Boston and it messed with a bunch of flights.

Me and Morgan made it in 15 hours from home to hotel. Jeremy got on the plane in LA but they found something wrong soon after leaving the gate so he flew back home. The Smash Brothers only made it to D.C. and are driving (8 hours) here tonight.

And such starts July.

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