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I kissed the dirt and I liked it
Sunday, June 21, 2009 - Race Reports
I guess the karma came around after last year, Jesse Moore won and I kissed the dirt.

The race was a hilly 90 minutes around the Northstar resort and was the last stage of the Tour de Nez.

Jesse attacked early and my teammate Graham Howard bridged up a couple laps later. With Graham up the road, I just focused on covering moves in the group. There were a lot of attacks but no organized chases.

That was going well till I crashed about 40 minutes later. I was taking a corner on the inside, caught some dirt, maybe clipped a pedal and went down. I got shot towards the inside and landed in a bunch of dirt. Omer said I just disappeared into a cloud of dust.

I was fine, but my handle bars were a bit crooked and I was off the back. Since there were no free laps, I just pulled out.

This was my first DNF in over two years, so I didn't know what to do. I ended up sitting with my wife and heckling all the riders as they went by. Kind of fun actually.

Another Cal Giant rider, Justin England, bridged to Jesse and Graham towards the end. They rode a few laps together and Jesse took the win, Graham was second. Pretty monster efforts after spending almost the whole race off the front.

Nevada City today should be a circus, even if only a fraction of Lance's 1 million Twitter followers show up.

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