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All's well that ends well
Sunday, May 10, 2009 - Race Reports
Out of nowhere we somehow pulled it off and won both team time trials and the overall today. Go UC Davis!!

The weather at the course was cold and rainy. That must have played to our advantage because both of our teams rode really well. We won by 1:25 and women won by 1:20.

A little bit from the inside of the men's race. It was cold but we rode really smooth. I think we have about the same talent as last year but we executed it way better this time. Plus, Will hung in there till the end which was a big help on the last 5 miles of head wind.

We finished the race cold. But that happy feeling of finally having a good day warmed us right up. Not really, we spent a half hour in the car shivering.

I'm embarrassed to admit that us men contributed only about a third to this national championship. That's about a third of what we thought we'd contribute. So way to go ladies! But just to throw it out there, you couldn't have done it without us.

The team is flying home tonight. I'm tired and miss the wife, it's been a long two weeks.

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