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UC Davis has Arrived
Thursday, May 7, 2009 - General
It's been busy here in Fort Collins. Well, the first part of the week was chill, but now that the team is here there is lots to do.

Tuesday, I just chilled out with Sheldon. Wednesday I prerode the course and met up with the team. Today, we prerode the TTT course and got all the bikes ready for the weekend. Man do I miss Jono and all his help.

Anyway, tomorrow is the road race and they are supposed to have it online at www.bicycleracing.tv. The women's race is at 8am and we are at 11am Mountain Time, so 7 and 10 Pacific Time.

Sounds like the BISSELL team is doing awesome at Joe Martin. Ben won with 4 BISSELL guys in the top 10.

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