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The View is One Tough Act to Follow
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 - General
Well that News 10 thing went pretty well. It was 30 minutes live online and they cut into the midday news for a few seconds a couple of times. It was basically a conversation about cycling motivated by the Tour of California coming through town.

Chris was stressed out "more than before the Nationals Crit." Zach was like, "Seriously, I'm 16."

I botched some of the team promotion stuff. I had my hand in front of the Bissell logo on my shirt the whole time. I also said, "The bikes my team will be riding..." instead of "The Pinarello that Team Bissell will be riding." Amateur I know, sorry Beth.

You can check the whole thing out in the Live Online Archive and they also have a photo gallery. I'm on for the last 13 minutes if you want to skip past those other guys.

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions. But "Zack is the boss." Seriously? I thought we talked about that.

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