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Training Camps
Monday, January 26, 2009 - General
Last weekend saw another Aggie training camp come and go. Saturday we did the classic Kings Ridge ride. I got a flat right at the bottom, but the boys were nice enough to wait for me so we could still hammer together. Sunday we hit Fort Ross and the riding was more mellow.

Today I went mountain biking for the first time with Tim. I think this was his idea of pay back for not setting him up at the Pink Elephant sprint on Saturday.

In my defense, I figured a "versatile sprinter" wouldn't need help and could win even if he didn't know where the sprint line was. My mistake.

The Bissell training camp gets rolling tomorrow here in Santa Rosa. I get the privilege of rooming with Tom Zirbel but the Argentina guys aren't coming in till tomorrow.

Rumor has it that the riding isn't going to get hard till Eric Wohlberg gets here, so tomorrow should be pretty mellow, but we'll see.

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