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Wait, so next time there's more climbing?
Friday, August 15, 2008 - Race Reports
Utah Stage 2 profile Stage 2 of the Tour of Utah was hard. 10,500 ft of climbing over 85 miles. The problem is that on Saturday it gets worse.

The top of the first climb was 10 miles in. Talk about a crazy start. It wasn't long before I was wondering why I worked so hard to get into this race.

Over the top there was a small lead group followed by a chase and then me and two other guys about 15 seconds back. We chased back on as Toyota started to organize itself. They railed it hard over the second climb before they slacked off to feed from the caravan. At this point we were in a group of thirty with only 4 or 5 amateurs. It was pretty sweat.

At some point another large chase group caught us and we had like 60 people. Before the second sprint Garmin got on the front and strung it out single file all the way into the climb. I was trying to conserve but it was hard just staying in the group.

The final climb had a more constant grade compared to the first one making it a little easier for me. I think I was in the top 30 over the top but in the second group. On the way down some people caught on and we had a good rotation. I finished somewhere in this second group 1:47 down. There were about 15 guys up the road.

Official results have me 30th. But I'm basically tied for 15th on time. Now I just need to recover during the crit tomorrow so I can lay it all down again on Saturday's 14,700 ft 98 mile monster.

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Christian Kearney
Friday, August 15, 2008, 12:08 am
Excellent ride. That is no joke of race there. Yeah, I hear it gets harder too, nice. The Jesse Moore is riding well too. Looks like you took my advice ;)

You got yesterdays results up by mistake.

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