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He's Going the Distance, He's Going for Speed.
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 - Race Reports
The District Time Trial Championships in Sattley last Sunday started with the typical early morning road trip when I picked up Shawn and Tyler at 5am. Driving two quality time trialists and letting them sleep on the way had me a little concerned. Was I giving them "the edge?" Just to be safe I hit a few bumps in the road whenever I saw Tyler dozing off.

I'd never done the District Time Trial in Sattley, but flat time trials are all the same so I wasn't too concerned about the course. What had me worried was the distance. It appears you can fake 10 miles without any specific TT training, but 25 is another story. The position started to hurt after 30 minutes and the infamous road surface didn't help much.

After the race I was a little bummed knowing that Roman Kilun passed me before the turnaround and Tyler and Shawn both beat me by a good amount. However, when I saw the results, I was stoked. For the Elite Men, Roman was the only one faster then me since Tyler and Shawn were U23. Overall my 51:43 lead the pack for 4th, while Tyler, Shawn and Roman were definately a cut above.

On an unrelated note, the last post allowed me to achieve Season Goal number 4, "Get into a fight with a Pro over something stupid." I'm assuming number 7, "Get a pro to laugh at me," happened at the same time so... 2 more down, rock on!

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