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A Tough Break
Sunday, May 11, 2008 - Race Reports
Second. Congrats to Andrew Talansky of Lees-McRae College for breaking Davis' 6 race winning streak (Photos by Casey B. Gibson).

So the road race: 60 miles. 1 mile flat. Biggest climb of the Race. 2 more decent climbs. Four flat 10 mile loops. Basically out and back with a 30 mph head/tail wind. Then back over the 3 climbs to the finish.

The start was kinda funny. Ft. Lewis' Winter Triathlon World Champion, Ben Sonntag, set pace on the climb and was trying to pull the field into the pain cave, but the wind was in the wrong direction. Just so everyone knows: On a 30mph head wind climb, it's way easier for the guys behind you. Keep this in mind for later.

The real attacking started on the loops. Someone would attack into the head wind and the field would just sit there because nobody wanted to ride on the front. Towards the end of the first loop 3 guys broke off. On the second loop a Stanford and Ft. Lewis guy broke away. Ft. Lewis had 6 guys in the race and they just kept attacking. It was hard to keep tabs on them all.

Since we were marking Ft. Lewis and Stanford I figured I should bridge or at least bring them back. I attacked off the front and brought another guy with me. The four of us worked well together and caught the other 3 guys a lap later.

The break was definitely "Suffer City State Nation Pro." We never had that big of a gap so we couldn't settle in and just kept going; Hard into the headwind and hard in the no-draft tail wind.

Towards the end I was cramping. On the way back I cramped hard on the second to last climb. Luckily it loosened up on the decent. At this point I just wanted the break to stick. I was so gassed.

The last climb had a huge head wind. The Colorado guy attacked. He stood up tall and went for it. I was on his wheel in my drops. He exploded (see my comment above). The Lees-McRae guy attacked and I took his wheel. I pulled over the top and we opened up a 10 second gap (see my comment above again). I knew that I would be at the back of any group that came to the line due to the cramps, so a 2 person group was good for me. I pretty much powered it home that last mile and a half for this reason. The guy out sprinted me and that was it.

Tyler and Shawn were 5th and 6th in the field sprint for 11th and 12th overall. Phil got dropped on the last hill and finished 58th. 3 in the top 12. These results put us tied for first in the team omnium with Ft. Lewis and Lees-McRae 10 points back in 3rd.

I realized I never mentioned why Judd was freakin' out at the end of the TTT. The last 4 teams to go were all in the top 5. All the early schools were turning in high 24s. Then Lees-McRae came in with a 24:00. Dave Towle said this was "unbeatable." Until Davis showed up and crushed their dreams. No, I sleep fine at night. Anyway, Judd saw the clock and was pretty excited.

Quote of the day:

"You can only race in pink booties
if you back it up with a first place finish,
and UC Davis does it."

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