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Sea Otter Clas... Okay, I'm Over It
Sunday, April 20, 2008 - Race Reports
My first NRC Pro/1 race and I finished 34th out of the 100+ starters and about 50 finishers. But like a Euro Pro, "I'm coming off a sickness and am training for a bigger race so I'm content with the result."

It was 31 laps with 320 feet of climbing per lap. Plus it had a 25+ mph wind.

The wind was wicked over the top of the hill and on the decent. On the hill during the second lap I looked up to see the field guttered and going about 10 mph. We were definitely on The Express to Sufferville.

About 4 laps in I hit the front and lit a few matches. Unfortunately, I ended up igniting the whole box and realized that I needed to sit in if I was going to finish this thing.

For the next 10 laps I was the last person going into the climb. I would pass some people going up, on the decent, and head wind sections. Then I would try to recover, which shot me to the back, and be the last person into the climb again. With about 15 to go I was very familiar with the Pain Cave.

The whole time there was a break of 4 up the road. Then, with about 14 to go another split happened and I was in the third and last group and we basically stopped racing. This saved me.

The last half of the race was pretty chill. I tried to lighten it up with some jokes, but Tyler and Jesse were not in the mood. The pros were all pissed they hadn't pulled us yet, but for $74 they better let me finish.

The highlight, of course, was that I decisively beat famed cycling coach Jesse Moore. This one result clearly indicates that I am significantly better then him at everything cycling.

In the next few days I'll post something about the Berkeley Crit that I did today.

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