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Davis Semi-Pro Super Bad Ass Elite Development Team powered by the Davis Bike Club
Sunday, March 30, 2008 - Race Reports
We may have "club" in our team name, but actually we're pretty legit'. In cat. 2 races we've had 3 in the top 11 at Valley of the Sun, 2 in the top 9 at the Merco Road Race, and now 2 in the top 6 at San Dimas; just to name a few. So please, don't think of us as a club, but as a semi-pro super bad ass elite development team. Thanks.

For the final crit stage of San Dimas the plan was to "keep the rubber side down." I had too much to lose and nothing to gain. So at the gun I went from the front to the back in about a lap. There I sat for the whole race with my head up waiting from the inevitable crash.

The best part was with 3 laps to go when some dude, in about 5 seconds, pulls out a plastic Arrow Head water bottle, unscrews the cap, splashes some water in his mouth and then throws it in front of me. I bet it gave him the edge to move up and contest the sprint. Right...

I finished on the second page of the results, but with the same time. So I got the win and the upgrade points for my cat 1. Overall the weekend was pretty pai-nful because I had to split the money with guys who didn't even finish. :)

The other night I heard this quote on Seinfeld and thought it was kind of funny.

"I always knew that after I became a doctor,
I would dump whoever I was with and find someone better.
That's the dream of becoming a doctor."
- Ben, to Elaine

I love you Sara.

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