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Today's Mission Accomplished
Saturday, March 29, 2008 - Race Reports
Dude man, Tyler, you're killing me. Yesterday I was all excited about beating you and now you don't even finish in the lead group. Way to break a guy's heart.

"That, that was a cluster bomb," was the finish described by Tom Githens from Kahala. Accurate, but let me start at the beginning.

The "road race" was basically a glorified crit, 56 miles. It was fast from the gun and hard to move up, just like a crit. The first couple of times up the climb I was tail gunning and got caught gapped off and had to chase. Lame. So on the fourth lap, a KOM lap, I hit the front and went for it. This caused a break with a couple of the strong guys from the break at Merco. A lap later Taylor bridged up so we had two.

After that the race went pretty standard with us working together well.

On the last lap things got interesting. We passed the 3s, they caught us again, and then they attacked us. On the climb we were totally integrated with them. I messed up and tried to pass on the right, should have gone left like the other 2s.

I figured the finish would be a cluster so I lead it out from pretty far out hoping that we wouldn't be swarmed by the 3s. Too bad I got swarmed by a bunch of 3s all sprinting for the top 20 about 50 meters from the line. I thought I was going to die.

So I got 8th (last in the break) and Taylor got 5th. We were 1:12 up on the field and Taylor moved up to 5th in the GC. I won the KOM and am now 5 more seconds ahead of the field. We got the job done. Awesome.

At the start some dude was taking photos of me at the line. I told him they'd never put a guy with hairy legs on cyclingnews. He laughed and then moved on.

After the race some guy asked me why I don't shave my legs. I said, "My wife said I wouldn't get any if I did." His reply, "Whatever, I don't get any anyway." Sad... So sad....

Crit tomorrow and here is the results page.

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