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I beat Tyler Hamilton
Friday, March 28, 2008 - Race Reports
The first day of the San Dimas Stage Race was today. I had a good ride with the highlight being that I beat Tyler Hamilton. That's right; Tour de France stage winner. Results can be "verified" here.

The road trip down here to so. cal. was long and boring. When we got here we checked out the start times and went to Red Robin for dinner. Phil sat with the kiddies and gave them lessons on shaving and women. Later they faked a birthday and had ice cream. They obviously aren't that serious about their cycling.

As for the race, things went well but I think it was a little short for me. Basically I went hard, blew up a little and then settled in. I think the 20 minute hill climb last week was perfect for me. I caught my 30 second man before the hill even started and some dude I don't even know yelled, "Paul, slow down." That was kind of lame. He was in some green kit.

Tomorrow's short road race should be fun.

Quote of the trip, so far....

"Isn't most of the earth made of rock?"
- Chris Morales

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