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Riding the Same Hill, Over and Over Again
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - Race Reports
Last weekend was UC Santa Cruz. The road race was Saturday and there was a hill climb time trial on Sunday. I don't have much to say about the hill climb. Just need to wait for results. The road race was more interesting.

It's the same as the University Road Race in August. Tyler described it best, "You go up a hill, then you take a right. Then you go down a hill and at the bottom you take a right. Then you go back up the hill." It's that simple for 20 laps.

Davis had five guys in the race; Me, Tyler, Nils, Shawn and Demetrius. The first couple of KOMs went pretty standard with Shawn and Demetrius locking in some points. We also got a show of Art Rand's "often imitated, but never duplicated" climbing style.

The third KOM turned out to be the Sufferville city limit. Max Jenkins (Berkeley) and I went for it and got a gap. He really wanted to keep it going; I wasn't too excited about 14 laps off the front.

Even though Max and I were working together nicely, I was getting really bored. Going up the same hill, exploring the same pain cave, lap after lap. But I guess it was worth it because at six to go I came up with a great new nickname for Max Haines-Stiles from Stanford, Maxford. That way we won't confuse him with Max Jenkins from Berkeley. Cool huh?

With four laps to go I attacked, I thought it was only three. This is about the time Hurricane Hurt made landfall. With two laps to go I could feel the cramps coming on, and with one to go I was glad it was almost over. It turns out that almost everyone was cramping by the end of the race. Max even said his tricep was locking up. So he DOES have arm muscles, who knew?

Back in the group Nils and Tyler picked up the last KOMs. Nils upped the pace for the last few laps to thin the group down to about six guys. He finished 6th and Tyler 8th. I think Shawn and Demetrius were in the top 20. Complete results will be posted soon at wccc-info.com.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008, 5:05 pm
Hats off to you Paul, I have been putting up some career high power numbers and yet you still managed to ride away from me. Good luck at San Dimas.

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