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Stanford Race Report
Sunday, March 9, 2008 - Race Reports
UC Davis is now 4-0 in Men's A races this season. A pretty good start. Here is the report from last weekend at Stanford.

We had 5 guys in the road race: Me, Steven, Phil, Nils, and Demetrius. It started out pretty mellow with some minor attacks. Early on, Steven's seat post decided it didn't want to race any more and turned to go back; as the rest of his bike didn't follow, he had to call it quits.

Unbelievably, the Stanford guys called a pee break right before the major climb, about 30 minutes in. I guess it was a good idea because there aren't any bathrooms where we were headed: Suffer City.

A little later at the feed zone I found myself in the pain cave with the wrong batteries for my fading head lamp. Phil attacked as I was eating and Nils and I spent the next 15 minutes chasing down a good sized break with a lot of Stanford guys in it. Yep, wrong time to eat.

Max Jenkins, from Berkeley, wisely attacked soon after we caught the break and was off for good with Ryan Parnes from Stanford. We let them go for a while and then after the turn around, on the tailwind climb, I attacked and we had a little 3 man chase group.

On the major climb on the way back Max found himself between a rock and another, possibly harder, rock. He could either drop Ryan and solo the next 25 miles into a head wind or wait for him and thus me. He chose the latter. We stayed off the front and at the finish Ryan sat up because he had just been hanging on for quite a while. Max and I drag raced to the line and I wound up on top.

Phil won the field sprint for 4th, but in his attempt to impress the Rock Racing management he got himself disqualified for briefly crossing the centerline about 250 meters out. He claims he has a blurry digital photograph that proves his innocence. Nils finished 6th and Demetrius 16th.

In the Crit we were one man down because Steven was doing another race. Our race plan was to be on the defensive, but that lasted about 3 laps. We spent most of the race attacking and chasing.

With seven laps to go Phil and 3 other guys finally got off the front and the field didn't want to chase, nice because I was hurting. At the finish the other guys in the break found themselves on the mountain top of agony without any flags from their respective nations to place at the top and Phil took it.

As the rest of us turned the last corner there was a crash. It messed Nils' position up a bit and I decided to just go straight to be safe. Nils finished in the top 10, I think Demetrius in the top 20 and I was back there somewhere.

Well, still not a big fan of crits, but the team is looking really good and that's without Tyler.

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