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DBC rocked the VOS
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - General, Race Reports
So we ended up 3rd, 7th and 10th. I got passed up by a sprinter and Chris thought he was 0.2 seconds ahead, but was actually tied and got bumped back on crit placing. That would have been good to know earlier. But three in the top 10 ain't bad.

The last couple of days I've just been giving race reports, so now I'll fill in the rest.

Not being involved in the planning for the VOS adventure I wanted to be on time for the 7am send off. I was late, but Chris was later. After packing the truck, we rolled out at 7:30.

A major highlight of the trip down was us pumping gas, but not. Somehow we managed to look the part without any actual filling going on. A few minutes down the road we were surprised our tank was still half full. Yep, classic.

The other highlight was me driving stick. I can't drive stick! Yes, it's true. However, after we hit Arizona I did a some loops around a gas station and a couple of engine stalls later we were on the freeway doing 80.

In Phoenix the house we rented was nice except that all the living room furniture was gone. The second day they delivered replacements. 5 tech savvy kids and not one could figure out how to watch anything but CSPAN. But leave it to the old guys to figure it out.

The movie of choice was "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift." I'd rate it low, way low. We had much discussion over the quality of the dialog and if it was possible to drift on a road bike.

I was surprised to learn that Staz and his family were Czech. I got to practice the language a little and it gave me the inside track to the famed Janwitch. While there were about 200 of these guys made during the weekend, at Joe and Taylor's rate of consumption you had to get at them quick.

The all night drive home was uneventful. Judd whipped out the laptop to watch a movie, but it didn't kill enough time. When we dropped him off he pulled, "If I forgot something, I'll get it from you later." Not surprisingly, "it" included half of his stuff.

Overall it was a fun weekend. Many thanks to Stevo, Jan and Jim for their support. They cooked, cleaned and had all the right stuff ready after the races. Thanks guys.

Official results to the Time Trial, Road Race, Crit and the GC.

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